Cast Iron Porcelain Baths

NuCast Bathtubs.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the exclusive range of NuCast Cast Iron Porcelain Baths.

Cast Iron Baths.

NuCast are one of the largest manufacturers/distributors of cast iron baths throughout Australia. We are very excited to have the opportunity to provide the Australian public with a range of baths, unparalleled in quality and design, and approved by the Australian Plumbing Board.

over 100 Years.

NuCast Cast Iron Baths have been in production for over 100 years. They manufacture freestanding tubs, built in models, shower trays, seat baths. Their good characteristics, ruggedness, toughness and insensitivity, together with excellent sound insulation and heat retaining properties, cannot be matched by any other material on the market today.​

High Quality & Durable.

We are all familiar with acrylic, pressed metal, and steel baths, which currently dominate the Australian market, however these are all inferior materials to cast iron. Cast iron plus porcelain enamel offers so many advantages that the combination is simply perfect for the bathroom. The porcelain finishes are colorfast, acid and alkali resistant, crack, impact and scratch proof. No other bath tub on the Australian market can boast such a durable and high quality surface to fulfill all the demands placed on modern sanitary products.

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A bathroom is no longer a luxury today but is taken for granted as part of the home. Bathtubs have changed correspondingly. The bath is very much an integral part of the bathroom and has to be functional, trouble free and as maintenance free as possible for years, or even decades. It is worth considering NuCast Cast Iron Baths for every new bathroom.

Our Cast iron Bath Range.

NuCast Slipper Bath

Length 1560 mm & 1700 mm

NuCast Antique Bath

Length 1820 mm

NuCast Chateau Bath

Length 1700 mm

NuCast Dual Bath

Length 1700 mm

NuCast Lion Bath

Length 1530 mm & 1710 mm

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